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We Have The Best Used Forklifts In Our Inventory

Used equipment that is safe and ready to run.

At Berkshire Forklift, we are committed to the principle that there can be no compromise when it comes to workplace and employee safety: that's why our skilled technicians check every square inch of every used forklift we sell, and expertly repair anything that needs adjustment.

Customers in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts that purchase used products from Berkshire Forklift (we also ship nationwide) are getting safe and reliable equipment for all materials handling needs. A 30-day warrantee is always included. Our used inventory is comprised of many of the top brands, including Maximal and Vimar, and accessories from Cascade. You can find used electric, propane or diesel powered forklifts to carry loads ranging from as little as 2,000 lbs. to as much as 18,000 lbs. We also provide safety training for customers that want their own operators.

Used forklifts that need reconditioning prior to sale are returned by our expert technicians to their original specifications. These are sold with longer warrantees.

When used forklifts require post-sale service, we recommend a qualified shop in the customer's local area. Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to get the job done–on time, within budget, and in the safest way possible.